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Business process improvement (BPI) is a management exercise in which enterprise leaders use various methodologies to analyze their procedures to identify areas where they can improve accuracy, effectiveness and/or efficiency and then redesign those processes to realize the improvements. Business process improvement, or BPI, works by identifying the operations or employee skills that could be improved to encourage smoother procedures, more efficient workflow and overall business growth

BPI helps you to find ways to reduce the time it takes to complete processes, to eliminate waste and friction in those processes, and/or improve the quality of the products or services that are produced through these processes.
Enterprise leaders sometimes undertake BPI to ensure better compliance with rules and regulations that govern those processes or to improve customer satisfaction and/or experience.
BPI techniques can also help an enterprise meet customer demands and business goals more effectively. Methodologies commonly used to support BPI activities within an enterprise include Six Sigma, Lean Management, Agile Management, Total Quality Management (TQM) and Kaizen.

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